Bar Spoon A Cosa Serve?

Data la sua funzione, sono presenti anche bar spoon a forchetta dato che questo strumento da bar serve anche a prendere ingredienti per la guarnizione da aggiungere ai cocktail.

What is a bar spoon used for?

They primarily stir drinks, but depending on the type of spoon you get, they can also be used to measure, muddle or even crack ice. Bar spoons are not made equally—and they can all serve different purposes. American bar spoons equal a standard teaspoon, or about 5ml of liquid, which makes it easy for measuring.

What is the origin of the bar spoon?

Another style of bar spoon, called the “Mazagran Spoon” probably originated as a French Apothecary spoon, “the cuillière medicament”. This spoon was used as both a tool of measurement and a muddler to break up medicines into a powder which could be dissolved in other liquids.

What is the difference between a bar spoon and a teaspoon?

On the other hand, a European bar spoon has a flat end that is used to layer liqueurs and to muddle ingredients. Measurement-wise, it only holds 2.5ml or ⅛ oz. of liquid. Is a Bar Spoon a Teaspoon?

How many ML is a bar spoon?

The measurement of “a bar spoon” is, more often than not, 5ml of whatever you’re measuring. However some of these, like the European bar spoon, can measure different amounts.

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